It's time for us all to get commercial.

You should normally not see this.





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Cat # Description Format Price
HdK-CF003-CD ABC of the Center (soundtrack): a two hour improv by Kris. Not intended as the center of critical listening, but more for background sounds. Can you say "heavy ambient?" Excellent listening on days where you seem to have lost the ability to keep track of time. Works great for those long drives too. Subwoofer required (not included). 2xCD ~60min US$12
SAMP1CD-44 Sampler Ichiban: The first compilation of Kris tunes. A broad range is covered from mindless techno to whacked out ambient whale songs. Three excerpts from early jam sessions are included with the five solo Kris songs. 1xCD ~60min US$7


Silly sound exploration (11/1/99): MP3








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