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House de Kris

Privacy Policy


House de Kris takes great pride in its efforts to maintain a sense of security. To this end, if you are under the age of 13 PLEASE DO NOT SUPPLY HdK WITH ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. In fact, even if you are under 18 I still don't want to know anything about you. Now, if you are female and 18 or over, PLEASE give me at least your phone number. Well, that may sound a bit desperate and/or pathetic. OK, how 'bout: if you are a babe 18 or over, supplying HdK with as much personal information as possible will make you eligible for possibly many FREE videos, CDs, and other HdK products.

Otherwise, House de Kris reserves the right to ask probing personal questions in response to inquiries concerning HdK products. This is only done as a means of protection, for myself. All replies might be kept confidential.

Finally, those seeking membership in House de Kris can expect to fill out a length personal questionnaire and be subjected to a background investigation that the FBI has used as a model since 1996. No buts about it, you may not be able to sit comfortably for a period of two days following the removal of the probe. HdK cannot and will not supply enough lubricant.