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HdK-MV001 thru HdK-MV083

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DJ Mixes by Immovable Object

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What the heck are all these buttons?!?

So many products are available from House de Kris that it takes this many buttons to facilitate navigation without two dozen layers of menus. Use this friendly guide to sort out your browsing directions:

Push for all Musical Visit Series

The MV Series (Musical Visit) is the main thrust of HdK-land. This series of DJ mixes was started in 1994 and is still running strong. Press the "MV Series" button to see the complete MV Series catalog. This is a large html file and may not load on all machines (Sega Saturn for example), or may just take a long time. To break up the searching, press the other buttons in this row to display a limited selection of the MV Series. HdK-MV084 and all following it are recorded digitally and all digital recordings are available. Musical Visit Series releases prior to HdK-MV084 are analog and are released on CD as the vaults are raided.

If you've found that a particular DJ mixes music of a style you like, you can view a list of discs which feature your favorite DJ. Each DJ list is made up of released found in the 'Musical Visit' Series and of releases from the DJ's private studios.

The 'Creations' catagory is the place for finding original works that are associated with House de Kris. This comes in the form of solo works by HdK members and as group jams at HdK's Herb Garden events. This catagory is unique in that it is the only one HdK is allowed to sell legally.

In addition to CDs and audio cassettes, several interesting videos complement the HdK lineup. The fractal video tapes are the origin of House de Kris. 'Skin' videos are reserved for those HdK believes can handle them. Although you may not think there should be any difference between Skin videos and Nature videos, pressing the 'Nature' button takes to you to an unexpected world of HdK.

This is the historical backbone of House de Kris. All the 'Musical Visit' series primordial tapes are contained in these Archives. Again, this is a long list that has the ability to choke the Sega Saturn, so it is broken up into smaller groups. Pressing the 'Archive' button itself gives you the complete list, or select the range of years you wish to browse.