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You should normally not see this.


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DJ sneJ

"If x > fire"



More fine electronic sounds from DJ sneJ, this time from 4/24/99.


song list:

1 Louis Andriessen De Tijd [excerpt] De Tijd 2:00
2 Philip Glass Mishima/Opening Mishima 1:22
3 Moonshake Two Trains Big Good Angel 3:24
4 Mocean Worker Rene M Mixed Emotional Features 7:46
5 Wallstar Razor Slow Death in the Metronome Factory [VA] 5:13
6 Asian Dub Foundation Free Satpal Ram Rafi's Revenge 3:38
7 Scorn Scorpionic Colossus 3:55
8 Fibreforms Gryphons Stone 6:03
9 Flying Saucer Attack Distance Distance 3:14
10 Amp Perception [excerpt] Perception 5:11
11 Gyorgy Ligeti Atmospheres [excerpt] Atmospheres etc. 2:50
12 Underworld Shudder/King of Snake Beaucoup Fish 7:51
13 John Adams Loops and Verses Shaker Loops 3:57
14 L0ksa Green Adaptor pt 2 Green Adaptor 4:41
15 Zoviet France Shamany Enfluence [excerpt] Shouting at the Ground 3:56
16 Somei Satoh Incarnation Litania 5:14
17 Moonshake Bleach and Salt Water Eva Luna 3:33