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Immovable Object

"100% Music"



The Immovable Object was apprehensive about this mix before it started. Turned out to not have a single commercial. This was the final mix on 4/24/99.


song list:

1 Human Being Sequence For the Time Being 4:31
2 Funky Porcini Reboot The Ultimate Empty Million Pounds 3:00
3 Freakie People/Yacob Cool Awake in the Lap of a Dream 3:26
4 Linda Husik Bad Head Day (Subtropic Cut It Up Mix) Bad Head Day 3:42
5 Jazzanova Fedime's Flight Convergence [VA] 4:20
6 Thenemic Pulse Vision of the Deep & Initiation Megatripolis (Ambiance CD) [VA] 5:52
7 Nonplace Urban Field Whimp Raum Fur Notizen 4:17
8 We You Gone? Square Root of Negative One 4:07
9 Ohm Guru Meditations The Groove Improven 4:12
10 Cee-mix Sex-or-Bit Home is Where the Bass Is 4:52
11 Freaky Chakra Vector Head Blacklight Fantasy 3:42
12 Dread Zone House of Dread 360 Degrees 4:20
13 Plaid Headspin Plaid 5:11
14 Les Rythmes Digitales Kontakte Liberation 4:49
15 Air Modulor Mix Premiers Symptomes 5:32
16 Freakie People/Obvious world Tea for Two Awake in the Lap of a Dream 5:45
17 Fila Brazillia Risky Wank Convergence [VA] 2:14