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Pictures of HdK
The MegaRack in the synth studio.
Kris standing at the Synth Rack. Playing the Prophecy always makes him grin.
The Synth Rack viewed as if you were passed out on the couch.
Video Rack w/ arm holding MC-303 and QX5.
A messy HdK synth nucleus.
Back side of Synth Rack.
The DJ Rack in sharp splendor (dbx 266A compressor missing).
The Preamp Rack and right speaker (and a lava lamp).
Proof that vinyl can be played at HdK, but it is NOT encouraged.
The front wall of HdK with Power Amp Rack, TV, and Preamp Rack. Note two (2) lava lamps.
Close-up of Power Amp Rack (missing DOD 835II crossover).
A general warning to the masses visiting HdK.

Thanks to Rob for the pictures.


Life is not all sitting around making and listening to music, sometimes you have to get around.

HdK Transportation
I can't mention the model of the official HdK car because all those damn search engines will start sending people here and they will ask inane questions that I will feel bad for ignoring. Click on the happy car to see another page of pictures. By the way, like most all HdK equipment, mine is black.


Additional pictures HdK is fond of.

Non-HdK Pictures
This is THE man. The inspirational source of the song "Who Do You Think I Look Like?" found on Sampler Ichiban.
The true guiding light of HdK.