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A slightly old picture of Kris (14k)

Well, the above picture should answer the latter portion of the question. Not much can be said beyond that picture. OK, clicking on it will give even greater insight. The total number of friends that Kris has to date:

To the former, House de Kris is a house in a suburb that offers many electronic play-pretties to augment the appreciation or creation of music. Started as a place to hang out and share music with friends, it soon became a practice site for learning/budding DJs. HdK slowly evolved to include video mixing of fractal images to get a more complete 'rave' feel. With time came more experimentation and honing of craft until all those involved with HdK have become truly skilled artists. There was a time that HdK was having DJ Mixing parties every other weekend for many months. DJ Mixing parties have changed from the original method of everyone offering up a tune at random from a wide variety of styles to the current procedure of 30 minute DJ shifts with preferred genres to choose from. The usual genres of present day HdK DJ Mixing parties are most of the current electronic styles. These may include (but are not limited to) all varieties of ambient, trip-hop, jungle, and occasionally trance and tek-no.

Synthesis equipment was added and the focus changed from playing readily available music to creating our own free-flowing jams. For Kris, this is the most exciting aspect of HdK at the moment. So now, Jam Sessions alternate with DJ Mixing parties. Sometimes, DJ Mixing parties are skipped altogether.

All HdK events are recorded for prosperity on 120 minute VHS Hi-Fi video tapes. The DJ Mixing parties have four DJ shifts per tape, plus whatever video is generated during the audio mix. Traditionally, the visual portion has been heavily fractal based. More recently, classic movies with Jimmy Stewart or the Marx Bros, or shorts by the Three Stooges have been weaving their way into HdK mixes. Jam Sessions record a continuous two hour wall of sound as the audio and something technical and boring for the video. Almost all the tapes ever recorded at HdK are still available on the Archive Page of this web site.

The tapes are used for two purposes. First, the video of a DJ Mixing party is used as a source for future DJ Mixing parties. This gives rise to ever thickening videos as time marches on. Second, the audio is used to make audio tapes of these parties. A C-60 works nicely with one DJ per side. The Jam Session tapes are used to generate audio CDs and tapes. The long continuous Jam Session tapes are cut up and edited down into 'songs' for disks and tapes.

Because HdK does wish to create CDs from Jam Sessions, it helps if a jam is as musical as possible. Early Jam Sessions had many moments of odd squeaks, squawks, and honks in between the cool grooves. This was often caused by hunting for just the right patch while being part of the mix, or adding parts which are deemed immediately as not fitting and thus removing them quickly. Several ideas to combat the errant sounds were considered with a headphone solution chosen as the most usable solution. The plan is to mute the mixer channel of the box that a participant plans on making some changes to. With the mixer muted, the contributor is free to use headphones to silently and safely search for the magic patch. Once found, the mixer channel is unmuted and the box can then have its sound become part of the mix again. This methodology has been used to some success so far at House de Kris.

Feel free to send mail to Kris to find out more about HdK or to give your comments on this concept.