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Solo Kris Releases


Cat # Title Video Audio Min Date
HdK-FM001 Summer Chill '95 Thick Fractals none 120 9/9/95
HdK-VT001 Best of 1996 Vol 1 Thick Fractals DJ Mix 60 12/15/96
HdK-FM002 4 Mtn Palace Thick Fractals none 120 11/7/97
HdK-VT002 Best of 1996 Vol 2 Thick Fractals DJ Mix 60 12/9/97

Compiling the images from HdK DJ parties gives rise to very flowing tapes with tons of action all the time. Lots of stuff to watch.


Collaboration Releases


with CRUZ NG
Cat # Title Video Audio Min Date
KAD-001 TranceMission 1993 Simple Fractals Stolen Trance 30 11/93
KAD-002 Trance/Fixed Simple Fractals Stolen Trance 30 2/21/94
KAD-003 Tranceporter More Fractals Stolen Trance 30 11/26/94
KAD-004 Fractal Sensations Deep Fractals AOL MIDIs 30 8/95

These collaboration tapes with Cruz Ng are the true origins of HdK. From the 'simple fractal' days of long ago, the HdK culture was born. These were/are ground breaking videos offering imagery exceeding what is available commercially.